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Argentina's lemons get ready for the new campaign 2019

"The supply to all customers will be more than covered"

On the eve of the 2019 campaign, Argentina is getting ready to work professionally and have the appropriate volumes to supply customers from all markets. This preparation is promoted and coordinated by ACNOA, the Citizen Association of the Northwest of Argentina, which works for the sustainability of the citrus activity in the region.

In addition, starting this new campaign, the ACNOA will be managing the ALL LEMON seal of quality with the aim of providing its service to all lemon export companies that, to date, have not joined the scheme so that they may  benefit from the positive experience of having controlled export quality to the United States.

In the 2018 campaign there was an increase in volumes compared to the 2017 campaign, but producers expect they will achieve standard volumes in the 2019 campaign, similar to the last campaign.

"The supply of lemons to all customers will be fully covered and the main objective will be to take extreme care of the quality of the fruit to meet the demands of different markets," stated Martin Carignani, the president of the ACNOA.

The seal of quality ALL LEMON, which has been responsible for auditing the quality of more than 80% of the fresh lemon that Argentina exports to the world since 2010, will sustain a high frequency of controls in the packaging lines where it is processed. During the 2018 campaign, the inspectors, grouped in pairs, made surprise visits every day of the week, every 8 hours, including the night shift. This allowed them to achieve better results, such as verifying and certifying the total of the boxes exported.

"Having two great institutions, ACNOA and ALL LEMON, giving support is a privilege for lemon producing companies and gives peace of mind to our customers," stated Pablo Padilla, an executive at Padilla Citrus.

"In pressing times, being highly competitive from the point of view of quality is the greatest contribution we can make as food entrepreneurs. Our lemon stands out, even though many times it doesn't have a perfect cosmetic quality. However, its high juice content and its health benefits are indisputable," said Carlos Parravicini, the director of Argenti Lemon.

For the second year in a row, ALL LEMON will rely on the ISO 9001-2015 norm, which is even more demanding than the 2008 version with which quality control processes were audited since 2014.

Since its foundation, ALL LEMON has audited the quality of the following companies: Argenti Lemon, Biotuc, Cauquen, Cecilia Martinez Zuccardi, Citromax, Citrusvil, Diagonal Citrus, Early Crop, FGF Trapani, Frutucuman, La Moraleja SA, Lapacho Amarillo, La Patria SRL, Latin Lemon, Ledesma, Padilla Citrus, and San Miguel.

Consolidating new destinations In 2018 and after 17 years, Argentina's lemons returned to the United States, where they were successfully exported, complying with all the protocol requirements in terms of quality. Japan was another new destination. In both cases ALL LEMON was responsible for auditing the quality of all the companies involved, even of the packaging companies that are not associated with the seal.

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